Using A Security Camera App? Now You Need Security For Your Phone

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Home security technology has expanded to include the smartphone, with apps that let you monitor your home's cameras from wherever you may be. However, if you're going to have that kind of access to your home on your phone, you need to increase the security on your phone. You're not just concerned about not being able to access your cameras -- you're concerned about someone else accessing your cameras. It's imperative that you beef up phone security now.

The Risks Involved

If you do not have good security on your phone, and someone takes it, that person could access the camera app and start monitoring what's going on in your home. You'd have some stranger viewing everything until you could get home and turn off the system (which itself could be difficult if you had two-factor authentication using that now-gone phone). The person accessing the app can see what you have in your home, who might be in there normally, and what the door and window layout is like.

Basic Security

Start with basic security. Add a passcode to your phone and set up a fingerprint lock, if your phone offers that option. Also, find out from the security company (be it monitored or by a third company or just be a camera you bought yourself) what to do if your phone is lost. Knowing the procedure is a part of basic security.

Tracking and Erasure Security

The next step is to enable tracking security on your phone, the type that lets you go online and track where your phone is going. The police can use that tracking to locate the thief. You'll also want erasure ability, which main phone operating systems offer; this allows you to go online and remotely disable or even reset your entire phone so that the information you had on it would be inaccessible or even erased. If you absolutely can't get your phone back, you want to be sure no one can access anything even if they get through the passcode.

Remote Camera Ability

One more feature you may want to enable is remote access for your phone camera. This will likely involve downloading another app. However, it could be worth it; this access would let you see whoever is trying to meddle with your phone.

Cameras for your home's security are great. But if you lose the phone you use to access those cameras or even to control your home's security system, you need to protect that phone and that data. For more information, contact a company like Enhanced Telecommunications and Data.

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